From the deepest oceans to the freshest catch

Oceanic Seafoods is a UK based importer and exporter of frozen Seafood with approved factories and catching vessels throughout the world. Our main areas of focus are the North Atlantic, Pacific Ocean and the Barents Sea.

By focusing on, and gaining a thorough understanding of these selected catching areas, we are able to concentrate all our efforts in becoming the leading specialist in species caught and processed within and around these oceans.

We purchase H&G raw material through to finished product, enabling Oceanic Seafoods a greater control of fish supply throughout the processing cycle, offering a more competitive and reliable service to our customers.

Our passion and depth of understanding of the raw material, fishing techniques and primary processing operations is what sets Oceanic Seafoods apart from the rest.

Oceanic Seafoods - the home of Pure Blue™ wild frozen sustainable seafood

Pure Blue is Oceanic Seafoods own brand of exceptional quality, wild frozen and sustainably sourced seafood. We have developed this brand to represent everything that Oceanic Seafoods stands for in terms of quality products and ethical practices.