Wild caught / Ocean pure


The procurement of quality frozen seafood is not just our speciality, it is our passion and constant driving force.

Oceanic Seafoods is run on strong principles that inspire confidence in our team, our suppliers and our customers alike. Something we place a great deal of importance on.

Over many years we have developed an instinctive understanding of world markets and the seasonality that affects different species. We are acutely conscious of the natural environment that our industry is dependent upon and we are committed to supporting and promoting sustainable fishing and ethical practices.

Our customer base consists of primary and secondary processors, value adders and large distributors servicing the UK, Europe and Far East markets.

Exceptional quality

We work with customers who demand only the very best quality seafood. Our global procurement skills are second to none and our reputation is built on a ‘quality first, quality last’ principle that is runs through every aspect of our business.

Trusted partners

Oceanic Seafoods work closely with a select group of global partners to deliver reliable and exceptional product procurement to the exacting standards that we set ourselves, and who are completely aligned with our ethical and sustainable principles.

Technical excellence

We employ the latest techniques in all aspects of processing to ensure our products meet the highest quality standards. Our team of QC managers are on site in all our global processing sites to ensure our high standards are maintained.